A vision for learning in the new millenium

It is important to work together to create a shared vision for your school.

But why? – You’ve probably already got one. Right?

There are so many changes happening in education right now, For example – Take a look at Core Educations 2014 Ten Trends in Education posts.


And then there is this… (uploaded in way back in 2007!)

Here’s an interesting blog post by secondary teacher Steve Mouldey about embracing change and challenge.
  • How is your school keeping up with all this change?
  • Does it need to?
  • What is your school’s vision?
  • Can a school’s vision for learning exist without e-learning?
  • What is your vision?
  • What are your beliefs?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been asked to create a plan, share your vision or to contribute to a shared “vision”? You’re bursting with great ideas and opinions, but then someone says, “we’ll get to that later”.

Does it feel something like this?


Here is an example of a workshop with a cluster in 2011 (these ideas are still very relevant today). This was to inform elearning vision and strategic planning within the cluster. The brief included:

  • reference to current research
  • current and future trends
  • tools, frameworks and resources to facilitate the process.
  1. What is your vision for eLearning?

  2. Do you have a plan?

  3. What are the desired outcomes?

  4. Is this supported by research?

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